Vignettes from the City of Doors

Whale Rustlers

It's a serious problem in some parts of the Feywild.

DM: Jake

  • Rokjak Anvilsmak
  • Paldrith
  • Eslian Keslador
  • Blocter
  • Snog
  • Snig
  • Balthar

The Lady of Spices teleports the prisoners who fought on her behalf off her prison island, as well as a few others who are swept along in the magic. She brings them to a point high above a range of mountains in the Feywild, mountains with needle-like, snowcapped peaks soaring above the clouds. The party admires the view for only a fraction of a moment before gravity, harsh mistress that she may be, claims them. The Lady, now appearing as a delicate fairy, follows them downward, tittering with enjoyment at the results of her prank.

The adventurers plummet toward certain death! In their turn they attempt to learn to fly, threaten the Lady, grab her by the leg in a bid to slow down, windsurf, and negotiate. At length an exasperated Lady of Spices agrees to call upon some skywhale friends near the mountains to rescue the doomed creatures, whereupon said animals swoop down and save our “heroes” from a rapidly approaching doom. Having fulfilled her promise and no longer amused, the Lady of Spices takes her leave without fanfare.

Having performed their splendid rescure, the skywhales even out into level flight once more. The party, scattered across a pod of three cetaceans, gathers its wits and takes stock. Before they can regroup, a mirage dragon decloaks off the starboard bow of the lead skywhale! The dragon orders an airborne skiff of its underlings to sieze the gentle creatures for its personal menagerie. It also thinks that the kobolds will make a dandy snack, a thought that bodes ill for the skywhales intelligent passengers. As the dragon and its allies board the lead whale and attack the party members carried thereupon, they find a stiffer resistance than they expected.

One of the party’s kobolds, still in awe of the dragon, grapples a whale and tries to bring it to the dragon in the hope that the great beast will accept the gift. The whale shakes him off, however, and he abandons it in irritation.

Despite several attempts, a dragonborn fails to push the party’s monk off the edge of the whale. For his trouble he is swarmed and pushed off himself, falling toward the mountains. An archer’s misstep aboard the skiff sends him to a similar fate. As the remaining archer harasses the party with arrows, Rokjak knocks the dragon cold, and everyone brings out the big guns. The dragon wakes bloodied and near death, with a lone ally, and negotiates a surrender. Promising treasures, a fine for whale-rustling, the ownership of the skiff, and transport the Sigil for wizardly consultation, the dragon reaches an agreement with the party. It is true to its word, and all are conducted to its lair, each to recieve their agreed-upon rewards.

Enemies: Adult Mirage Dragon x1 Dragonborn Bloodreaver x1 Human Sniper x2



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