Vignettes from the City of Doors

The Prisoner(s)

The only way out is through!

DM: Jake

  • Rokjak Anvilsmak
  • Paldrith
  • Eslian Keslador
  • Blocter
  • Morg

The survivors of the ship arrive on a lonely, windswept island filled with scrubby vegetation. The Lady of Spices informed the group that she would release them once she felt they had learned their lesson. An example of how long that could take approached shortly in the form of an eladrin who had been prisoner on the island for decades.

The Lady found that she could not teleport away; the newly-arrived eladrin had bound her there with with rituals tied to the island’s unique properties. The Lady quickly concluded a deal with the party whereby she would transport them elsewhere in exchange for their assistance against her assailants. The party consented, and the fight began.

The party and their adversaries approached each other with caution. A narrow, swiftly flowing creek separated the two groups, and each was hesitant to cross except in force. The adventurers attempted an amphibious assault first, advancing to the shore held by their enemies. Although the party held most of the hostile combatants to the far shore, a gladiator escaped a melee in the watercourse and charged toward Rokjak. The seeker evaded him handily, and the gladiator returned to the fray and more plentiful enemies.

An eladrin coure managed a ferocious stab before vanishing without trace as the Lady’s accuser struggled against three combatants in a fierce whirlwind of blades. A brace of weak fighters on the enemy shore fell quickly to the party’s swift and punishing assault. The coure’s magic struck all but the seeker as the gladiator returned to draw blood from the party. Soon all the enemies were slain, and the Lady of Spices delightedly fulfilled her end of the bargain.


Scarvarial, Eladrin x1 Coure of Mischief and Strife x1 Eladrin Feydark Gladiator x1 Eladrin Winter Blade x2 Thunderfury Boar x1



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