Vignettes from the City of Doors

A Murder Party

A murderer strikes in the midst of an archfey celebration.

DM: Jake

  • Rokjak Anvilsmak
  • Paldrith
  • Eslian Keslador
  • Blocter
  • Morg

A ship burns in the night.

Five passengers cling to its scattered wreckage. As they watch, the dragon responsible for the attack flew away with its minions. Darkness claimed them as the burning ship slipped beneath the waves.

The scent of cloves, carried on the wind, envelops them. The survivors deduce that the direction of the wind might indicate safety. They swim into the wind, clinging to debris to keep afloat. As day breaks, they see a small island ahead.

The surviving travelers land on the beach. They look around and bicker, but soon they notice ornate boats further down the strand. The boats appear to be of eladrin make, richly decorated as one might expect of boats belonging to the nobility. Rokjak runs toward the interior of the island looking for whoever the boats belong to, and the rest of the group follows after.

Rokjak reaches a wooded dell filled with pavilions, food, drink, and noble archfey. The archfey assume that he, as well as the rest of the group, are also guests invited to a party held by the Lady of Spices. They are introduced to various nobles and spend their time enjoying the party. Paldrith, as befits his nature, bides his time by building a maze with the tables of food, a maze which Rokjak fails to solve.

In the early evening, a woman screams out! The partygoers rush to the scene and find that a murder has occured! A high-ranking archfey of the Sea Lords has been killed by a dagger to the chest. As a storm sets in, blocking egress from the island, the Lady of Spices declares that the murderer must be found for the good of all. Eslian proceeds to leap headfirst into the investigation. He interrogates the partygoers as to their alibis and thoughts on the murder. Almost all believe that someone else at the party did the deed, though one expresses the notion that the murder was faked and that the dead archfey arranged it to leave his military position. Soon they group finds one of the partygoers whose whereabouts were not certain right before the murder, and Paldrith identifies a type of thistle on the presumed murderer’s pants that is not present on the part of the island he claimed to be on.

The murderer is restrained and presented to the Lady of Spices. He confesses, and the murdered archfey arrives in the dell, stating that he was pleased they’d finally unraveled the mystery and that he was pleased to stop playing a corpse. The Lady of Spices announces that her murder mystery retreat was a success! She rewards the adventurers by teleporting them to her personal prison island – they did crash the party, after all.

Skill Challenge: Level 16, moderate difficulty, complexity 5



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